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Have you ever used a VPN application but your internet connection is slower than without using it? If you have, there are many internal and external factors that cause VPN usage to cause a slower internet connection, therefore I will give you some tips and tricks to overcome the slow VPN speed.

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There are several internal factors that affect internet connection problems, such as weather, signal coverage, cellphone specifications, ISP that you are using and many other things. However, some things that mostly affect your internet connection is your geographical location and some buildings around your place.

Proxies Blocked and There are Too Many Users

The slow VPN speed can be due to a blocked VPN proxy. If VPN usually uses several ports, this has the potential to be blocked and slow down. Users on certain servers are full, for example, VPN servers can only handle 100 users but 150 users are logged in, too many users use the server so that the connection will be divided equally

Remote VPN Server Distance

VPN server distance that is very far away can also affect the speed of your internet connection. Therefore, if you live in the USA, we recommend you to choose a VPN server that is located near your country. As an example, a VPN server from Canada can be faster for you if you live in the USA, at least it will be faster compared to the one in Europe.

Bandwidth is limited to VPN Servers

Another cause of slow VPN connections is that the bandwidth used is limited to a few users. If there is a spike in many users, the bandwidth will be shared evenly. Maybe you will experience a bad internet connection.

ISP Internet Speed on VPN Servers

if the ISP VPN Server uses a slow Internet connection, for example, 100 MBPS, then you will experience a reduction of 1- 20%, so you only get an internet connection speed of 40 MBPS only. Your internet connection speed will decrease if many users use the same server.

Source: https://www.outlookindia.com/outlook-spotlight/日本でおすすめのvpn-3選-news-312278

Here are some ways to deal with a slow VPN speed:

Switching VPN Server Location

Choose the VPN Server in accordance with your country or use the server closest to your country. I recommend you to use the VPN country of Singapore because Singapore has a fast and stable connection speed. However, if it’s too far from your location, perhaps you must find the fastest server location that is close to your country.

Use the Premium VPN Service

If you use a low-quality free VPN service, then you will get poor internet quality because 1 server is used by many users at once, so the internet connection is not even faster, and it’s even slower than your usual internet speed. That’s why we recommend you to at least choose a high-quality free VPN service.

Try Rebooting or Restarting the Smartphone

By rebooting your Android smartphone, all processes running on your smartphone will stop, everything will go back to the way it was, then try connecting to the fastest VPN. So that it can speed up your internet connection when you use it.