What is a VPN? and Why You Need VPN on Daily Basis
By Danial Kohan

What is VPN?

VPN means Virtual Private Network, if you are a consistent internet user, you must have heard the term Virtual Private Network (VPN) or might have heard Proxy but the problem is you don’t know what both the term is. Where and why they both used for.

Virtual Private Network is the private, safe and secure tunnel between two or more devices. A tunnel which is entirely private build by a VPN from your devices to the destinations you visit online over the internet. It provides you a secure private network connection over a public network and encrypts your data before sending to the destination.

Why you need a VPN

A VPN has become very necessary as per the laws and regulation of today’s world regarding privacy and restrictions and legal spying. A VPN is the only way to protect your privacy and to access those resources and content which are restricted or blocked on your network.

There are so many reasons for the need of a VPN which we are going to discuss below:

Major Reasons


If you are using the Internet and the network you are connected to, for performing your online activities without knowing that is it safe or not, this can lead the concern of privacy. You can be monitored by government authorities or the eavesdroppers. So what will you do then?

The Best you can do is to use a VPN which retain all your cyber activities, communications and also your identity private and safe from the cyber crooks and also prevent ISPs from tracking your activities.

Bypass Geo-restrictions

Bypass Geo-restrictions means to access those resources which are restricted and blocked at the geographical location where you live. But how can we do this? The answer is VPN.

VPN changes your IP to unblock all the restricted resources according to your need and location. For example, if you stay in the UK and you want to stream US channel or access US sites, so all you need is to connect to a US server and then you can perform your task easily.


One of the primary concern is your online security when you are connected to a public network while you are traveling. A VPN gives you a secure connection by creating a layer of strong encryption and keep all of your details secure and safe before it leaves your device which makes impossible for the hackers to steal your information.

Other Reasons

Wifi Security:

If you are using a Wifi which is not private like at public place such as at cafes, airports, and shopping malls, etc. so it is effortless for the hackers to steal your information and monitor your activities. Because public Wifi contains fragile security and sometimes does not contain security. A VPN helps you to add more security to this open Wifi by encrypting all of your data which can prevent you from spying.

Watch Sports Online

For those who are sports lovers is really difficult to watch online sports when the matches are set to play in different locations. Then streaming sports becomes a big issue for the sports fans. VPN gives facility to all to stream online anywhere from being anywhere by changing the IP, which is very pleasant for the sports lovers that they can watch matches without worrying about where the game is set to play.

How it works?

A VPN protects you from spying and secure your details and information from the internet service providers, corporates, hackers and government agencies which can monitor you if you are not connected to a VPN.

Before connecting to a VPN, you start surfing on the internet you first connected to. Internet Service Provider (ISP) which then transfer you the destinations and websites where you want to go that means your ISP is monitoring all your surfing and history on the internet. Not only ISP is tracking you, but hackers and agencies also can do this if you are not secure and not using a VPN.

When connected to a VPN server then it does not let anyone interfere in you cyber activities. Neither ISPs nor hackers or agencies can monitor your traffic. Because VPN creates a private and secure tunnel for your traffic by encrypting all your data before sending it to the tunnel that means only you and the VPN server can see the data and traffic.