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Best Windows VPN

List of Top 5 Windows VPNs

June 43, 2017

In today’s world where smartphones platforms like Android, iOS, etc. are ruling the world but still Windows is the widely used Operating System all around the world. Windows is more secure and less vulnerable than all the other platforms and Operating Systems. Windows 10 is the latest version of windows. However, after a lot of […]

Best VPNs for USA

List of Top 5 Best VPNs for USA

The United States, A land which in the past called the land of the free, but realistically there is no truth at all. In today’s world technology has groomed to a level and you cannot break any laws and regulation, where on the internet your activities are continuously being monitor by concern authorities or governmental […]

Best Vpns for UK

List of Top 5 Best VPN for UK

Whenever it comes to the privacy of the users, they always starts to find the way to be safer and protected and not to be spied by anyone, neither by a person nor by any authorities. If we talk about Western World, the citizens in the UK are unaware that Britain has now become the […]

Best VPNs for Streaming

List of Top 5 Best Streaming VPNs

There are a number of reasons to go and purchase a VPN such as privacy, surf anonymously, unblocks restricted content, etc. Streaming videos are also one of the big reason to buy a VPN to unblock the geographically restricted video content and stream those video which are unavailable because of copyrights restrictions. At best, VPN […]

Best VPNs for Android

List of Top 5 Best Android VPNs

Android, the wonderful invention of this century which is being used by almost every person of the world.  A platform which made the social stuff easier and time saving to access, and has now started to beat all other platforms in the race of technology. Billions of people running their businesses on this platform whereas […]

the fcc keeps making your online world less private

Online Privacy Reduced Further by FCC

A new resolution passed by the Congress and backed by the FCC will reduce the online privacy of Americans even more. Online privacy is something most people don’t take seriously, except those who wish to violate it. As Edward Snowden revealed in 2014, and the CIA WikiLeaks document revealed recently, the US government actively monitors […]

what is dns hijacking and how to avoid it

What is DNS Hijacking and Methods to avoid it?

The internet offers many facilities to users, but it can turn pretty ugly in the blink of an eye. There are many factors that come into play. The most dangerous thing, though, is the common internet users’ lack of knowledge. This drawback is routinely exploited by malicious users to have fun at their expense.  This […]

who install cameras and microphones in our home government or us

Who Install Cameras and Microphones in our home – Government or Us?

Gone are the days when in my traditional African setting, we used to gather late in the evening to catch a glimpse of a black and white TV. That was about fifteen years back. At the moment, everything has changed. Nevertheless, I believe it was opposite in the west. But, even so, the innovation of […]

deadly types of cyber crime

Deadly types of Cybercrimes

June 11, 2017

Cyber crime is not a new term to most tech pundits. No doubt, every era comes with its miserable hombre. For instance, in the days of sails, there were pirates and privateers. Horse thieves, bandits, and train robbers were widespread during the Old West days. Eventually, this digital era isn’t different either. Despite the fact […]

What is VPN?

What is a VPN? and Why You Need VPN on Daily Basis

June 43, 2017

VPN means Virtual Private Network, if you are a consistent internet user, you must have heard the term Virtual Private Network (VPN) or might have heard Proxy but the problem is you don’t know what both the term is. Where and why they both used for. Virtual Private Network is the private, safe and secure […]


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