Private Internet Access Review

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Author: Danial Kohan

(Technical writer, ex-robot manual gone privacy enthusiast/VPN expert)

Danial Kohan is a privacy advocate and social enthusiats. Writing is his passion. He loves to educate netizens about online security, internet freedom, and the latest technological trends. Finding ways to secure any sensitive data and protect against existing and emerging cyber threats is all he cares about. Follow him on Facebook or Twitter to stay in touch with his work!

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About Private Internet Access Review

Private Internet Access (PIA) comes at first in the line of the leading VPN providers of the market. PIA is one of the best in VPN because of its quality services and outstanding features with high-grade encryption and highly secure tunneling. It stresses more on privacy and security of the clients without any compromise. An extensive network of servers of more than 3190 servers in different locations makes it reputable in the market. It claims no-logging policy and provides online anonymity and protection against dangerous cyber threats. It is offering users different payment options with an anonymous payment method like Bitcoin.

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Pricing and Plans

PIA Pricing

Pricing and Plans are the primary things which user consider first when purchasing a VPN. User desire is to get the best VPN services at low-cost. Private Internet Access facilitating users with three package plans and prices are based on the duration of the time.

PIA is offering valuable feature and excellent services with all of the three plans such as unlimited bandwidth, multiple gateways, P2P along with VoIP support and various protocols. Furthermore, a user can connect five devices simultaneously. Unlike to the market, PIA is offering good package plans at very less price as compared to other VPN providers.

Moreover, if the user is not satisfied with the services after purchasing, then it gives a seven days money back guarantee so that client can call for the refund. PIA offers diversity in payment options such as:

Server Locations:

After pricing and plans user always concerns about the number of servers which a VPN is providing to its clients. PIA offers a vast network of servers of around 3190+ server in different locations of the globe in more than 25 countries. Its large number of server gives it a leading position in the market.

PIA servers located in diverse locations in the world including U.S, U.K, Switzerland, Netherlands, Sweden, France, Germany, Romania, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Singapore and Hong Kong, etc. Its large number of servers makes easy for the user to bypass all geo-restrictions.

Protocols and Encryptions:

Protocols and encryptions are essential when you are online because without it hacker can steal and view your data and information.

When it comes to Security, PIA offers different security protocols and strong encryption to make user safe from the intruders and cyber crooks. It provides protocols such as PPTP, L2TP, and OpenVPN. Point to Point Tunneling protocols facilitates the users who want to bypass the restricted content.

It provides confidentiality by encrypting all the data of user before it leaves from the device. A user can choose the protocols as per their need and work desire. It uses AES 256, SHA256 and RSA 4096 handshake encryption techniques to encrypt your data.

Other Platforms:

Despite all of its other features and services, PIA gives compatibility with other platforms and support different devices.

It has apps for other platforms like Android, iOS, Mac, Linux and also has a Windows Client. All the application are easily available at the website. Applications are straightforward to use, has the all the features and support the particular device properly without any error.

Speed and Performance:

Speed and Performance which user concern the most before purchasing a VPN. PIA is maintaining its name in the market by providing fastest speed and good performance to the clients.

For the users, we have conducted tests before and after connecting PIA VPN and obtain following results.

Test results before connected to a VPN.

As in the above screenshot shows that before connected to a VPN ping was 0ms, download speed was 74.33Mbps and upload speed was 4.49Mbps. Now let see the results after connected to PIA VPN.

From the above screenshot, we can see that after connecting PIA VPN ping increased from 0ms to 10ms which is not too bad, download speed affected little bit as it decreased from 74.33Mbps to 49.48Mbps, but the good thing is upload speed didn’t deteriorate much as from 4.49Mbps to 4.46Mbps.

Logs and Privacy Policy:

PIA claims that it focuses on user’s privacy and does not keep any records. Unlike the other VPN provider, PIA has a clean and clear log, and privacy policy and below is the screenshot from PIA’s official website which shows that it does not keep any logs which is something we witness once in a blue moon. If and only if any liberal government or court orders came for user records, the folks in charge may be obligated to comply.

Customer Support:

As customer support is vital for the clients, to ask queries and solutions of their problems. Private Internet Access has different support option for its customer which helps a lot to the customers to answer their questions and in solving their problems. PIA has 24/7 customer support system with a live chat option on the website. They also have FAQs and email support system for the users, and unlike the other VPN providers their support is very responsive and always answer on time. All the other tutorials and installation guides are available on the website which also very helpful for the users.


A website is a place which is the first thing that users face when they go to buy any VPN, and it represents the product as well. We can say that it is the thing which attracts first the user if it is not interactive and attractive then the user won’t come to buy your product.

PIA has a very interactive, engaging and informative website which gives an outstanding impact to the user. PIA website is straightforward to navigate and has all the information and details about the features and services which PIA is providing. All the applications and helping stuff are readily available on the website and can easily be downloaded.

Pros and Cons:




After taking a deep look at all the details of PIA VPN, we can conclude that unlike to other VPN providers Private Internet Access is providing pretty good services and exceptional features at very reasonable prices with a convenient website and compatibility with other platforms. PIA stresses on the user privacy at the first place and claims no logging policy. PIA is offering quite good package plans with a broad network of servers which works a lot for the users to bypass all the geo restrictions. Unfortunately, there is no free trial option for the user but to encounter this PIA offers seven days money back guarantee and gives five multi logins simultaneously.