NordVPN Review

3.1 /5


Author: Danial Kohan

(Technical writer, ex-robot manual gone privacy enthusiast/VPN expert)

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Since 2008 NordVPN has been operating as the IT security industry, and it is based in Panama. As in the Panama, there are no any necessary laws for data retention it means that they does not keep any user records and it makes it unique in the market. It has three different paid plans with 3 days free trial, a 30-day money back guarantee and also has various methods for payments. It offers six simultaneous connections and has 1034 servers in more than 59 countries. NordVPN has an attractive website that has full information of all of its features. It is offering compatibility with different devices as well.

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Pricing and Plans

Packages and pricing of the plans is always a primary objective which user concerns about before purchasing any product. Same is with the VPN user, he always concern that what package the company is providing to them and at what cost.

NordVPN is offering one package plan which is further distributed in three different pricing plans with respect to the time duration. So that user can easily get the plan according to his desire and needs without any complication.

NordVPN is providing subscription in just $11.95 per month in simple plan where the subscription duration is only one month. If you are going for the Standard plan, NordVPN is providing subscription in $7.00 per month for the time duration of 6 months. Price will drop more if you goes for the Best plan, NordVPN is providing subscription in just $5.75 per month for the time duration of 1 year.

NordVPN is also offering a 2year special plan in which it is providing subscription in just $3.29 per month for the duration of 24 months. (exclusive deal)

On the same side, NordVPN is also offering 3 days free trial for its customers and all of its plans has 30 days money back guarantee which gives NordVPN a valuable proportion in the market.

NordVPN gives a diversity to its users for the payment. It is offering three payment options.


Server Locations

NordVPN currently has 1034 servers in 59 countries around the world. These 59 countries include Italy, Lithuania, Netherlands, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Austria, Switzerland, Singapore, Spain, Romania, Russia, United Kingdom and the United States etc.

Regarding Server count, NordVPN is contributing with an average number of servers as compared to other VPN providers in the market. But it is also offering other features with its servers like Double VPN, Onion over VPN, Anti DDoS, etc. which makes it unique over the other VPNs.

Protocols and Encryptions

When it comes to Protocols and Encryption, NordVPN offers four protocols and high-level encryption like AES-256, MPPE-128, etc. along the protocols.

NordVPN Double VPN is encrypted in double AES-256-CBC through multi-node farm.

Other Platforms

NordVPN is contributing support with other platforms also and has apps for different platforms like it has apps for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android. Other Platforms like Linux, Blackberry 10, Chromium and different routers, etc. NordVPN gives manual configuration guides and tutorials for these platforms.

Its Android and Windows app look much similar which is pretty good that user can easily use both without putting extra efforts to understand.

Speed and Performance

To check the Speed and Performance of the NordVPN, we have conducted speed tests and got the following results.

Before connecting to the VPN, we got above result with ping 78ms, download speed 96.73 Mbps and the upload speed of 4.46mbps. Now let see the results after connecting to the VPN.

So we obtained above results after connecting to the VPN with huge decline in ping which is 17ms dropped from 78ms quite exceptional. Whereas Download speed dropped from 96.73 Mbps to 44.54 Mbps, but as we can see there is a slight effect on upload speed which was 4.44 Mbps before connecting and 4.44 Mbps after connecting. Overall it is a good result, and NordVPN also claims that it has been working hard to improve its services and performance.

Log and Privacy Policy

NordVPN claims that its first priority is the security of its customer data. It also contends that as under the jurisdiction of Panama makes us able to give guarantee to no logs policy which means that it does not keep any connection and usage logs and does not monitor any of its user except keeping the following detail for the delivery.

NordVPN no logging policy makes it unique in the market as all the other VPN providers keep the logs and monitor user even though they claim that they do not keep any records.

Customer Support

NordVPN is offering variety of support to its user so that user can use and serve NordVPN without any difficulty. NordVPN has back support system.

NordVPN has FAQ section which is pretty necessary that provide fundamental and shared questions which user has about NordVPN. It offers a real 24/7 live chat support system where user can interact with the assistance officer at any time, not like the other VPN providers which offer 24/7 but does not provide the service on time. NordVPN has the ticket support system where customer can email the support through a simple form which is available at Contact Us page.


NordVPN has a very well presented site which is very interactive and has somewhat a prominent white and blue theme. Its website has all the detail and information regarding its features and pricing plans and very easy to navigate.

Apps for different platform can easily be downloaded from the website. On the top, it has all the important detail like features, pricing, servers, tools, help and account management. NordVPN also responsive on social media and it also maintains a blog which updates daily with the latest information on the VPN industry and its updates. In the account managing section, users can easily manage their account and their plans and subscription.

Pros and Cons

  • No-logs
  • Based in Panama(no privacy issues)
  • 30 days money back guarantee.
  • Six simultaneous connections
  • P2P- yes
  • Three days free trial
  • Works with US Netflix and BBC iPlayer.
  • It’s all fine till now there are no cons.


Binding up our review on NordVPN we can conclude that undoubtedly NordVPN is the fully featured  VPN with excellent services, its pricing and plans are fine according to services it is providing, it has an interactive website which is very impressive and has all the information and details about the product and user concern with the 24/7 customer support plus ticket system and FAQs.

Facilitation for those who cares much about privacy that it based in Panama and does not keep user logs. Although it has an average number of server as compared to competitors in the market, it is serving its customer with fast speed and performance and still working on its services and server count.