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Author: Danial Kohan

(Technical writer, ex-robot manual gone privacy enthusiast/VPN expert)

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HideMyAss initially started a free proxy service in 2005 in the UK and by the efforts and working it is now developed itself into one of the leading VPN providers around the globe. HideMyAss VPN comes with a large number of servers in different locations all over the world reserving most of the servers in US. It has three flavors KICK-ASS, SMART-ASS and HALF-ASS, but unfortunately all are paid it is not contributing any free plan. HideMyAss is giving four payment methods with 30 days money back guaranty. Unlike it has logging policy and it stresses that it keeps connection logs of users. HideMyAss has fastest speed with built-in speed tester and has many other free features like browser extensions, anonymous email etc.

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Pricing and Plans

HideMyAss presenting three different layers of pricing plans which basically based on the duration of the subscription.

As we can see that there is a fluctuation in the prices with respect to duration of the subscription of the plan. Like if we subscribe to month to month plan, then it will cost us expensive $11.52/month, but the annual plan is quite cheap and reasonable to pay $6.55/month while the middle one is fairly average for the both $8.33/month.

HideMyAss pricing stands pretty much near to the market average but it does not seem as reasonable as some VPN provider offering.

In regard to payment methods HideMyAss giving us four methods of payment, but it seems to be disappointed by the absence of Bitcoin option.

As HideMyAss is not offering any free trial option for the user, but it is giving a 30 days money back guarantee which is quite comfortable and enough for the user to get satisfied with the services which HMA is providing or to see that services are working for you or not.

Server Locations

HideMyAss comes with a large network of servers which is the major reason of its popularity and makes it unique. HideMyAss has more than 800 VPN servers with more than 120,000 IPs spread out in more than 300 locations in 190+ countries.

Most of the servers of HMA is reserved in United States (Approx 300) after that European countries comes at the second number, followed by United Kingdom and North American and Canadian Regions. Then comes those countries and regions which have one server at least like Asia, South American, Central American and African regions.

Protocols and Encryptions

When it comes to protocols and encryption HideMyAss is not behind from any VPN provider in the market. HideMyAss is providing four protocols to its user by giving the flair that users can choose as per their requirements:

OpenVPN-UDP set as default from the four protocols, but HMA has the capacity for its users to change the protocols as per their needs. It was quite disappointing that HideMyAss is using 128 bit Blowfish Encryption, a far away from the current encryption technique AES-256, HMA will have to work on it to get on the floor.

Other Platforms

HideMyAss has the windows client and has apps for iOS, Mac and Android Platforms. HMA’s windows client is quite light and easy to use as in contrast with the competitors. Client comes with three modes:

All the Apps, tutorials for other platforms and installation guides are available on the HideMyAss website you can easily download them from there.

Other free Services

HideMyAss offering some free services as well, which are quite helpful for the users by which user can serve anonymously. These services can be used from the website. These free services include:

HMA serving these services as a desert to its users after meal, these are few additional drops to make HMA better than other.

Speed and Performance

HideMyAss is providing a built-in tool for speed testing and it is quite daring to provide a speed test tool. We have taken some speed tests on some of the servers of HideMyAss and obtained following results.

As from the above graph we can see the highest, lowest and average speeds on each server and position. Results of tests are quite consistent, no matter if they are little bit slow. As New York city server gave good result in regard to upload speed better than Germany server.

I also took some test on HideMyAss built-in speed testing tool by using UK IP and manage to get following pings, upload and download speeds.

Log and Privacy Policy

As we mentioned above that HideMyAss is based in UK, which always considers the worst country in regard to privacy in the world which means it does not matter what hidemyass is claiming they are focused to the same data retaining policies as everyone else.

Although HideMyAss emphasis that it does not keep any usage logs but on the other side HideMyAss claims that it keeps connection logs for the diagnostic purposes, which means that time of connection and disconnection, usage of bandwidth and duration are all included in this.

HideMyAss does not clearly stress that P2P is allowed on their servers, but it did not create any issue and I was able to torrent and download without any difficulty.

Customer Support

Support is very necessary for the user for their queries and concerns. HideMyAss support has different options for user quires in term of live chat and email, also a wide knowledge base. It is little bit disappointing that HideMyAss is not offering telephonic support for their customers.

HideMyAss is also very active on social media like facebook, twitter and Google Pus, and quite good in maintaining updates and responding on these profiles by engaging with followers and continuously posting customer centric content. It also works on blogs and communities for the users.


HideMyAss has a very interactive website which is very easy to use and has complete detailed information about each and every thing. Its home page is very fine and wide that link all other pages. It has account managing area where you can manage your subscriptions. User can easily navigate the whole website from the home page. VPN app can easily be download as its link also available on the home page without going anywhere else. Pricing and Help support also there where users can reach easily.

HidemMyAss has option of language for their user. So, the user who cannot understand English there are options for them so that they can change the language.

Pros and Cons

  • Affordable Plans
  • Free proxy service
  • Anonymous email
  • Large number of servers
  • Like 800+ servers in 300 locations
  • Additional free services
  • 30 days money back guaranty
  • Offers four protocols
  • L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN and SSL
  • No free Trial
  • Poor track record with privacy
  • Un popular data Logging policy


Overall we can conclude that HideMyAss offering a large number of servers in different location in a good contrast to the other VPN providers in the market, including a good customer support and quality services, in addition it is providing free services which makes it best in comparison.

The lack in HMA is, it is not providing free trial service, but in contrast it is giving 30 days money back guarantee which is suitable for the customers to be satisfied with the services. It keeps connection logs and has a poor record with privacy.

HideMyAss is one of the best VPN in the market and offering four protocols and three plan in reasonable prices.