Express VPN Review

3.9 /5


Author: Danial Kohan

(Technical writer, ex-robot manual gone privacy enthusiast/VPN expert)

Danial Kohan is a privacy advocate and social enthusiats. Writing is his passion. He loves to educate netizens about online security, internet freedom, and the latest technological trends. Finding ways to secure any sensitive data and protect against existing and emerging cyber threats is all he cares about. Follow him on Facebook or Twitter to stay in touch with his work!

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A prominent VPN provider ExpressVPN runs from the British Virgin Islands and presenting incredible features. It is serving 1500+ servers with up to 140 locations in more than 90 countries around the globe. With 24/7 quality service of support. It is also providing the compatibility of different devices plus encryption and top protocols. It is one of the best VPN providers, although expressvpn is not providing any free trial, but in contrast, it is giving 30 days money back guarantee. ExpressVPN is leading the way regarding performance with a convenient website. Same as other VPNs, it also keeps connection logs.

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Pricing And Plan

As Pricing always matter and it is the main element before purchasing any product. User always finds the best service in a minimum price, and sometimes user wants a variety of Pricing and Plan so that they can choose as per their desire or needs.

Express VPN has three different flavors of subscription. Prices of Plans depend upon the time duration of the subscription. ExpressVPN offers:

Unlike to the market, ExpressVPN is not contributing with the free trials as some of the VPN providers are facilitating, but it is serving the 30 days money back guarantee to its customers to get satisfied with the services. As with the diversity in Pricing, the best thing is that all of its Plans include all ExpressVPN apps, 24/7 customer support and unlimited bandwidth with high speed.

Price for the 1 month subscription is little hefty, but on the other side, price is quite beautiful for the 12-month subscription. Express VPN pricing is a little bit high as compared to other VPNs, but it is providing better services.

ExpressVPN is offering diversity in payment methods by facilitating its users with following options:

Server Locations

The number of servers and diversity in location always matters in purchasing the VPN. User always has the concern with the number of servers and their location when they are going to buy a VPN.

Express VPN is offering the large number of servers, including 1500+ servers with a huge assortment of 145 locations in more than 90 countries which explodes expressvpn on the top in the market.

Its server locations include America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa and middle-east countries. Most of the servers are in America United States followed by European countries. ExpressVPN is offering large geographical dispersion.

Protocols And Encryptions

Many other VPN providers settle down with low-level encryptions unlike to others ExpressVPN follows the OpenVPN encryption techniques which are relatively stable. It uses SHA-512 HMAC hash authentication and AES-256 cipher with RSA-4096 handshake. ExpressVPN contains different protocols for the users including:

ExpressVPN default comes with OpenVPN, but user has the leverage to change the protocol through manual configuration as per their need or desire. ExpressVPN is facilitating the users with more secure protocols than other VPN providers in the market ,oddly encryption technique are same as most of the other VPN has.

Other Platforms

Compatibility with other platforms is also a significant element before buying any VPN. If you purchase a VPN that does not support Android or iOS platform and only works on computer and laptop, then it means only your computer is saved, but your smartphones are still susceptible to unconstitutional access and are not secure.

ExpressVPN contributing compatibility with different devices like computer, smartphone, iPad, tablet, and router, etc. and it also supports Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS platforms to give liberty to users that they can use VPN on any device and platform which they prefer.

Apps for Android, Windows, iOS, Linux and Mac OS are available and can easily be downloaded from the website. Below are the screenshots of ExpressVPN Android and Mac apps.

Mac App

Android App

Speed And Performance

We have conducted speed test for our ExpressVPN review so that we can gauge the performance of ExpressVPN whether it is facilitating the users or not. We have taken speed test with different protocols and swapping between the various servers to examine the speeds and to check whether we can watch our favorite shows in high-quality or not.

Initially we have conducted a test without connecting to ExpressVPN, and the result are as follows:

Next, we extended the test with connecting to a USA server and using PPTP protocol and got the following results.

After getting the result from USA server, we switched over a UK based server and used OpenVPN protocol to gauge the results.

By concluding from the above speed test, ExpressVPN proves that it has good performance and speed as when we connected to US server the speed was not affected. Moreover, after connecting to the US server, we can access to all restricted and block content and stream in HD without any adjournments. On the other hand when we compared to UK server there was a slight effect on speed but a high rise in ping.

Log And Privacy Policy

When it comes to logs and privacy policy ExpressVPN claims that it does not keep any register of usage. Furthermore, it claims that it does keep pretty minimal connection logs regarding the purpose of improving in network resource allocation and the information they keep includes dates(when connected to our service), location of chosen server and the entire amount of data which is transferring per day.

However, ExpressVPN has a clear and stable log, and privacy policy which the other VPN providers do not even wants to talk about. In fact, VPN providers do not have vibrant sections regarding the user privacy and logs. ExpressVPN is a secure and completely private VPN.Below is the screenshot of ExpressVPN that it does not keep any usage records.

Customer Support

Customer support is essential for the users to answer and solve their problems which they are facing in using the services that are provided by the VPN providers. All VPN providers facilitates their users by support, but most of them are quite lazy to respond the queries inquired by the users.

ExpressVPN is not like others who promise 24/7 support throughout 365 days, but when the user need them, they response null and found seldom. But this is not the case with ExpressVPN. ExpressVPN support answers the customer queries within 10sec with full knowledge of the product with real interaction and polite behavior, and if the answer to the question is detailed, then they link the user to the concerned resource where the user can easily get the complete answer.

ExpressVPN also offers a Contact form from where you can easily email them regarding your queries. The tutorials and guides are also available on the website from where you can easily get the solution.


A website represents the product and the company as well. ExpressVPN website is attractive and has a professional look with all the information of the features and the services they are providing. It has an extensive homepage which is pretty attractive and has all the summary of the website including the links to other pages. At the top, you can easily find all the information of any of your concern on a single click. The website is straightforward to handle.

ExpressVPN is also contributing with a blog which updates on regular interval. And gives all the latest information about the ExpressVPN and VPN industry. It also has an account managing section where you can easily manage your services. ExpressVPN website also has different languages for different users visiting their site. All the apps are available on the homepage so that user can directly download them as per their need.

Pros And Cons

  • 30 days money back guarantee.
  • Servers in more than 90 countries.
  • Excellent Encryption and protocols
  • Easy to use
  • Works with US Netflix and iPlayer
  • Attractive website
  • Keep connection logs(minimal)


So if we wrap up our review on ExpressVPN after analyzing all the features and plans overall, it is offering excellent customer service, strong encryption, protocols and compatibility with all the devices and platforms. Moreover, 1500+ servers in 90+ countries, providing three simultaneous connections with a primary Linux client.

Although it keeps minimal connection logs and it windows app crashes sometimes. ExpressVPN also works with US Netflix and iPlayer and has a very attractive and handy website which has detailed information about all the features and services of ExpressVPN. It gives priority to the user privacy and security and does not keep any usage logs. The paucity in ExpressVPN is the absence of a Free trial, but as an alternate, it is contributing 30-day money back guarantee for its users.