Online Privacy Reduced Further by FCC
By Danial Kohan

the fcc keeps making your online world less private

A new resolution passed by the Congress and backed by the FCC will reduce the online privacy of Americans even more.

Online privacy is something most people don’t take seriously, except those who wish to violate it. As Edward Snowden revealed in 2014, and the CIA WikiLeaks document revealed recently, the US government actively monitors the online activity of its citizens. Everything you do on the internet is recorded. However, the FCC’s latest vote on a resolution will make things worse.

The internet service providers (ISPs) that provide broadband and wireless networks to users can see which websites a user is visiting. They can also see their search history. However, there has been a law preventing ISPs from actively recording and then selling this data to third-parties. However, thanks to the FCC’s vote, this is no longer the case. Now, your entire online activity like which websites you visit, what you search for, what you share, which apps you use, can and will be sold to third-parties.

This comes as another radical move by the newly elected Republican Government. A few major changes to the healthcare and immigration laws have already been made, but this change is just as important. Although the CRA resolution does not get as much media traction as the other moves get, it is just as important.

In a recent poll, 90 percent of the American populace thinks that they have minimal control over what information is recorded about them on the internet, and how that is done. Moreover, 66 percent said they didn’t trust the government with their privacy. That’s not hard to believe, for the government has given them enough reason to be suspicious.

The world of internet is not secure by any means, and the amount of data that is available on the internet is staggering to say the least. An important revelation is that 90 percent of the personal data on the internet was recorded over the past three years. This is because of the increase in people’s connectivity on the internet. The world is becoming much more connected.

Moreover, with technologies like the Internet of Things, this is only going to get worse. Internet of Things has smart devices like refrigerators and washing machines which share data among themselves. This data can easily be recorded if proper security measures aren’t taken. The amount of personal data available on the internet is only going to increase, and with this latest change in the laws, American citizens need to take matters in their own hands. This is a big cause for concern not just for privacy enthusiasts, but Americans in general. If they don’t take the necessary steps like being aware on the internet, using HTTPS, and using VPNs, then their privacy is as good as gone.