Deadly types of Cybercrimes
By Danial Kohan

deadly types of cyber crime

Cyber crime is not a new term to most tech pundits. No doubt, every era comes with its miserable hombre. For instance, in the days of sails, there were pirates and privateers. Horse thieves, bandits, and train robbers were widespread during the Old West days.

Eventually, this digital era isn’t different either. Despite the fact it might not have train robbers dash or pirate’s swagger, it has its evil personality. These characters are a big challenge to tech gurus who are on the verge of keeping the cyber world a safe place.

What exactly is Cybercrime?

It’s a criminal activity carried out using a computer or the internet. Still, some people refer to it as cyber crime. This epidemic is sweeping the globe at a snail’s pace.

It has affected every industry across the board; entertainment, business and even information industries have all been victims of cybercrime. Nevertheless, below is the wanted list of the infamous cyber crimes in this digital era.


A good number of people have been victims of phishers. Ever come across a text “you need to update your credentials, your bank account is about to expire.”

No doubt, this is a phisher who wants to steal your credentials y directing you to a spurious site. For this reason, anything to do with updating your bank account, contact your bank.

Malware Authors

To tell the truth, these are scums of the globe. These type of individuals are the ones who draft and distribute Trojan horses, worms, viruses, and others tech offensiveness.

They target business and people to spend heavily on malicious technologies. As a result, the malware technologies will mug your hard earned cash.


These felonies aren’t dangerous compared to hoaxers and phishers. However, they snatch your time by filling your mail inbox with ads. For instance, you will come across illegitimate and legitimate products ads, jokes, political diatribes among other blather.

In my opinion, these are the most annoying criminals. Furthermore, they cause more damage by using more network bandwidth. As a result, network providers are forced to use more expensive and sometimes shoddy anti-spam technologies.

Action Fraud

How did you feel when you won that Apple phone on eBay? After the joy calms down, it comes the time. The device hardly resembles the online one.

Still, it looks that a tool manufactured from the illegal material. Better you received something than the majority who end up claiming a gift from frauds.

Media Pirates

To those who can’t do without music, you might a target of cybercrime. How? Is there any need for you to seek a reputable site where you can get iTunes when you can swipe a song or video via P2P file-sharing service? In all honesty, nobody gets hurt but those who worked hard to create this system. As a matter of fact, your values might take an assault.


I believe anyone who has an email account has come across a scam email. Scam emails are those emails that pop in your mail inbox offering gadgets, health foods, time-shares and the like.

Make a mistake of sending your credentials or signing up, and you will see the results. Like in the case of Paul Mc Donald whose email got hacked early 2016. Scammers used his email to request financial advisers to credit their accounts with $28 000.

He reported the case to Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network (ACORN). Up to date, he has not received any official communication from any authority.

Get the whole story here.


A hoax is an act indented to deceive. For instance, you get an email about a job overseas. These emails do ask to transfer some funds. The right thing, the majority are aware of this trick.

Nevertheless, there are some who will still fall prey to, especially the jobless and desperate ones. Delete this type of email if you come across it. The cash involved goes directly to the hoaxsters.

Social Parasites

If you are new to the internet, you might be a victim of online dating services, social-networking sites, instant messaging and other Web classifieds.

Be it as it may, the majority of these classifieds pretends to be someone whom they are not. However, their primary target is the naïve and the vulnerable.

Some other parasites claim to be celebrities just to cement their reputation. In conclusion, social parasites are a menace to the digital society.

How to Prevent Cybercrime

Are you a business person looking for top tips to help you prevent your business from getting derailed by cybercrime? If yes, then click on the link provided here.

Encryption is also an alternative that will shield you against cybercrime. Some enterprises have been advised to encrypt their sensate data to protect themselves from cybercrime so, should you?

Encryption is the use of secret codes which you translate into useful communication. Still, you are the only person who will authorise the laws because you know them.

You can read more on encryption here.

Finally, as I always say, security should start with you. Even if it’s using VPN servers to stay safe online, better do it. Leave a comment if this article was helpful.